Find your dog at all times with Weenect Pets!

With the holidays approaching, many families must be vigilant to watch their favorite pet. Runaway, fufu or simply curious, the man's best friend can give us a scare when it disappears without warning. Weenect, young company specialising in "family geolocation" by GPS, presents its GPS collar for dogs, the Weenect Pets! Clever and all grounds, it will save much white hair to many owners.

Calm, fearless or awkward, Weenect Pets resists all dogs.

"A GPS collar for my dog? But it will no longer work in the first roll! "

No need to panic Weenect Pets is designed for off-road! Thanks to the strength of the collar, the dog is still free to move without constraints.

Totally waterproof, the Wennect collar for Pets will be ready to face the improvised swimming brilliantly and supports falls from over one meter; without forgetting the accidental scratching. This will reassure dogs owners to be fearless.

Compact (4 cm) and light (43g) for a GPS, this collar fits all dogs, big or small. Its intelligent fastening device, securely holds the GPS in place and is easily detachable for charging on its base, leaving the collar around the dog’s neck. Provided for 8 days of autonomy, the collar ensures the safety of its faithful companion. This becomes practical to go on weekend while passing a good time with your dog.

It is the owner who becomes the tracker

The Weenect Pets collar incorporates a GPS chip and SIM card making the four legged companion traceable, directly from a smartphone.

Downloadable via Google Play or the App Store, the app Weenect, allows to configure a geofencing alert, simply by defining a security zone; when the dog leaves the zone the alert is sent.

Very easy to use, the application allows to find his dog at a glance. The owner only has to choose the type of location, map, compass and augmented reality (through the phone's camera) without distance limit.

The history of each walk is also stored in the personal settings of the GPS.

In order to have full application and activate the collar of his "familiar", a subscription is required (from € 4.20 per month). This subscription covers the network costs associated to the SIM card.


Recommended retail price: 129 euros TTC

Points of sale : Weenect website

"It's REALLY well done comparing with similar products. " Victor Jachimowicz, french journalist
About Weenect

Weenect contibutes to families serenity by providing the best quality of localisation. The solution takes the form of tracking devices connected to an application for smartphones and an online platform.

They are 4 products: Weenect Kids ( for children), Weenect Silver ( for elders), Weenect Dogs 2 ( for dogs) and Weenect Cats 2 ( for cats).

Weenect was launched in 2013 by two inseparable childhood friends, Adrien and Ferdinand. A little bit later, Bénédicte, a mother of 4 children, has joined them. From its beginning, the startup essence has been the family. The company is composed of 15 family lovers and has sold 50 000 devices since it’s creation ( to june 2018).


Weenect contribue à la sérénité des familles en leur proposant le meilleur de la localisation. La solution prend la forme de traceurs GPS connectés à une application pour smartphones et à une plateforme web.

4 produits sont disponibles : Weenect Kids (pour enfant, ex Ma P'tite Balise), Weenect Silver (pour senior), Weenect Dogs 2 (pour chien) et Weenect Cats 2 (pour chat).

Weenect a été lancée en 2013 par deux amis d’enfance, Adrien et Ferdinand. Peu de temps après, Bénédicte, une mère de 4 enfants les rejoignait. Dès son début l’essence de la startup était la famille. La société est composée d'une équipe de 15 personnes et compte 50 000 traceurs vendus depuis sa création (à juin 2018).