Weenect Silver: the 3.0 remote assistance for senior

The home-based support, in total security.

With Weenect Silver it is easy to look after a loved one, either he’s at home or outside. In case of alerts, his GPS position is sent and it is possible to call him. Without any installation and distance limit.

Weenect Silver is revolutionizing the remote assistance by creating the first mobile, economical and solidary remote assistance.

Mobile because it’s the only remote assistance that works inside as well as outside. The person who lives alone wants to keep a normal live, full of autonomy, while reassuring his close relation. Be able to go out of his home, visit his friends, do his shopping or also consul his doctor.

  • The elder is not dependant of any static installation, he just has to wear the tracker (25g) to make it work. Either he’s at home or far away, it works all the time.
  • He can get in touch with all the people connected to his account by pressing the SOS button of the medallion that turns into a phone. The GPS position is also sent in order to allow a quick intervention.

Economical because it is between 5 and 10 times cheaper than the classic remote assistance.

  • The tracker is sold 149€ with a subscription from 3.5€/month, whereas the classic remote assistance is usually charged up to 50€/month.
  • As many people who want can log in into the elder’s account, if needed they all can intervene. As is shown by the OCIRP report, 1 French out of 2 think that people in the situation of home-based support should be helped by his family every day.

Solidary because instead of an impersonal call centre, it’s the elder’s circle of trust (family, friends, neighbours) who will look after him.

How does it concretely work?
In case of SOS button pressure (3 seconds) by the elder, his close relation receives the alert through the smartphone’s app connected to the medallion. A strong beep allows to confirm the alert’s sending. The first one who receives it can ask to be called, the tracker is equipped with a loudspeaker and a microphone. Once the call is made, all the relatives receive a confirmation saying the request has been treated and that the elder is fine. If nobody takes the call within 2 minutes following the SOS alert, then the call will be automatically transferred to the emergency services. Furthermore, if the SOS button is pressed outside, the tracker transmits its GPS position at the same time as the alert. So it is easy to find the elder.

Advised public price including all taxes: 149 euros

Exclusively presented at the international Web Summit exhibition from the 7th to the 10th of November 2016.

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Download PDF
About Weenect

Weenect contibutes to families serenity by providing the best quality of localisation. The solution takes the form of tracking devices connected to an application for smartphones and an online platform.

They are 4 products: Weenect Kids ( for children), Weenect Silver ( for elders), Weenect Dogs 2 ( for dogs) and Weenect Cats 2 ( for cats).

Weenect was launched in 2013 by two inseparable childhood friends, Adrien and Ferdinand. A little bit later, Bénédicte, a mother of 4 children, has joined them. From its beginning, the startup essence has been the family. The company is composed of 15 family lovers and has sold 50 000 devices since it’s creation ( to june 2018).


Weenect contribue à la sérénité des familles en leur proposant le meilleur de la localisation. La solution prend la forme de traceurs GPS connectés à une application pour smartphones et à une plateforme web.

4 produits sont disponibles : Weenect Kids (pour enfant, ex Ma P'tite Balise), Weenect Silver (pour senior), Weenect Dogs 2 (pour chien) et Weenect Cats 2 (pour chat).

Weenect a été lancée en 2013 par deux amis d’enfance, Adrien et Ferdinand. Peu de temps après, Bénédicte, une mère de 4 enfants les rejoignait. Dès son début l’essence de la startup était la famille. La société est composée d'une équipe de 15 personnes et compte 50 000 traceurs vendus depuis sa création (à juin 2018).