Weenect, young French Tech start-up, has raised one million euros and continues to grow

23 NOVEMBER 2015
Weenect, specialist in GPS solutions for “family geolocation”, has launched its first fundraiser by opening to investment platforms run by Monblanc and Noseda Capital.

A start-up surfing the wave of success

Founded in 2013 by two childhood friends, Adrien Harmel and Ferdinand Rousseau, Weenect is now the benchmark for “family geolocation” through the distribution of four products for the household: Weenect Kids (for children), Weenect Silver (for seniors), Weenect Pets (for dogs) and Weenect Cats (for cats). The firm offers service oriented, ready-to-use products that are intuitive and easy to use by any family member.

A fundraiser that will bolster Weenect’s future prospects

The increase in capital was, in part, contracted by the investment platforms Monblanc and Noseda Capital; two human size firms with a young and innovative mind-set.

The increase in capital is directed at commercial upgrowth, the development of its R&D activities as well as its workforce and equipment.

The French Investment Bank, BPI France, provides tailored financing solutions for each stage of a company’s life and now also supports Weenect. Subsequently, Weenect plans to surpass 3 millions euros in turnover for 2016 with a three-digit growth.

« The French investment bank supports us with well-defined projects revolved around data mining as well as artificial intelligence. Our objective is to keep extending the best of technology to families. The BPI’s initiative is on par with the large scale advancements made the French Tech industry on the international scene.” Asserts Adrien Harmel, Weenect co-founder.

“The qualities of Weenect’s R&D project as well as their future prospects have convinced us to support them in their venture. It was important for us that the two went hand in hand if they were to meet our standards” Reports Anne-Sophie Nedellec, In charge of innovation projects at the BPI

Promising ventures for the upcoming year

Once again selected for their innovation acceleration program, Weenect has started collaborating with the famous Alcatel Onetouch group, combining there know-how in hardware and software to create more value added for the consumers.

“The market for connected objects is currently in full bloom and we are trying to explore its many opportunities to the fullest, alone or through partnerships. It is through one of our innovation programs that Weenect emerged, not only as a competent player on the GPS market, but also quality oriented and strong enough to accompany us towards our corporate clients. Furthermore, Weenect is unique in its approach and its ability to offer a complete solution, directly to the end user, a crucial component to building success.” States Matthieu Bacquias, Director Partnership & Global Accounts

About Weenect

Weenect contibutes to families serenity by providing the best quality of localisation. The solution takes the form of tracking devices connected to an application for smartphones and an online platform.

They are 4 products: Weenect Kids ( for children), Weenect Silver ( for elders), Weenect Dogs 2 ( for dogs) and Weenect Cats 2 ( for cats).

Weenect was launched in 2013 by two inseparable childhood friends, Adrien and Ferdinand. A little bit later, Bénédicte, a mother of 4 children, has joined them. From its beginning, the startup essence has been the family. The company is composed of 15 family lovers and has sold 50 000 devices since it’s creation ( to june 2018).


Weenect contribue à la sérénité des familles en leur proposant le meilleur de la localisation. La solution prend la forme de traceurs GPS connectés à une application pour smartphones et à une plateforme web.

4 produits sont disponibles : Weenect Kids (pour enfant, ex Ma P'tite Balise), Weenect Silver (pour senior), Weenect Dogs 2 (pour chien) et Weenect Cats 2 (pour chat).

Weenect a été lancée en 2013 par deux amis d’enfance, Adrien et Ferdinand. Peu de temps après, Bénédicte, une mère de 4 enfants les rejoignait. Dès son début l’essence de la startup était la famille. La société est composée d'une équipe de 15 personnes et compte 50 000 traceurs vendus depuis sa création (à juin 2018).