Weenect chosen by Maroc Telecom as its offer of Kids tracker

Weenect, company specialist of the “family geolocalisation” by GPS was chosen by Maroc Telecom as its offer of localization of the children. “Smart Kids” will be available in te shops of the operator from June 2016.

The “Smart Kids” concept

The « Smart Kids » concept by Maroc Telecom is a complete service of geolocalisation which allow to look after your remote child. The service includes a GPS tracker for kids and an app on smartphone for parents. They can track the position of their child on a map in real time, without any distance limit and with a 5 meters accuracy.

The tracker is endowed with an SOS button which allows the child to contact his parents in case of emergency. It’s also possible to call the child if necessary: microphone and loudspeakers are integrated into the device.

Discreet and light, this GPS tracker has an autonomy of 7 days in intensive use: the tracker communicates its position every 5 minutes while it is stationary and every minute while it is moving. A « low battery » alert is emitted when the level of battery reaches 30% and 15%: ideal to never be surprised during a family outing!

Autonomy in a complete safety

The « Smart Kids » concept allows parents to leave more autonomy to their children, while reassuring them on the place where they are. It is possible to configure areas, such as Home or School, and to receive a notification when the child enters or leaves the zone. He can so be more independent, in complete safety.

This service is available from the Weenect application (Android and IOS) and from the web-app “My Weenect” available from any terminal equipped with Internet.

- Tracker: 1090 DH TTC
- Subscription: 49 DH TTC per month

Product available in every IAM agencies in Morocco.

Download PDF
Download PDF
About Weenect

Weenect contibutes to families serenity by providing the best quality of localisation. The solution takes the form of tracking devices connected to an application for smartphones and an online platform.

They are 4 products: Weenect Kids ( for children), Weenect Silver ( for elders), Weenect Dogs 2 ( for dogs) and Weenect Cats 2 ( for cats).

Weenect was launched in 2013 by two inseparable childhood friends, Adrien and Ferdinand. A little bit later, Bénédicte, a mother of 4 children, has joined them. From its beginning, the startup essence has been the family. The company is composed of 15 family lovers and has sold 50 000 devices since it’s creation ( to june 2018).


Weenect contribue à la sérénité des familles en leur proposant le meilleur de la localisation. La solution prend la forme de traceurs GPS connectés à une application pour smartphones et à une plateforme web.

4 produits sont disponibles : Weenect Kids (pour enfant, ex Ma P'tite Balise), Weenect Silver (pour senior), Weenect Dogs 2 (pour chien) et Weenect Cats 2 (pour chat).

Weenect a été lancée en 2013 par deux amis d’enfance, Adrien et Ferdinand. Peu de temps après, Bénédicte, une mère de 4 enfants les rejoignait. Dès son début l’essence de la startup était la famille. La société est composée d'une équipe de 15 personnes et compte 50 000 traceurs vendus depuis sa création (à juin 2018).